Surrey Steel

Gates & Railings

Security for your property – always a key consideration.

Your one-stop-shop, from contemporary to traditional designs.

At Surrey Steels we design, manufacture, and install high-quality steel gates and railings that provide security whilst also adding an attractive finish.

From residential and commercial developments to schools and hospitals, we create gates and railings to suit any property type. From clean, contemporary designs and high security railings through to more ornate and traditional decorative styles, we’re your one-stop-shop!

Every project is different. Our railings are custom designed and fabricated to suit your particular requirements and are available in a range of different colours and finishes - tailor made solutions for each individual client.

From initial consultation through to installation, our team will be with you to give you all the advice you need.

To discuss and find out what type of gate or railings would be best for you, speak to one of our specialists. Our team are always ready to answer any questions you may have.