Black Flash

Black Flash Promotions is known for organising some of the most exciting and thrilling boxing events, with top-notch professional and amateur fighters. Black Flash strongly believe in helping raw talent reach its true potential. Their aim is to bring people together to help each other with the power of boxing.

Black Flash events are watched by a large and passionate fan base on various platforms including SKY SPORTS & DAZN to name a few.

“Working in collaboration with Surrey Steel helps us to work towards keeping grassroots boxing alive and gives us the ability to create many more champion success stories like Lyndon Arthur and Zelfa Barrett.”

Farrah Razac, Black Flash

Following in the late Brian Hughes’ footsteps at Collyhurst and Moston Amateur Boxing Club, Pat Barrett, aka Black Flash, is giving young boys and girls a chance to fight their way off of the streets towards a better life, all through grassroots boxing. Pat has trained Zelfa Barrett from being an amateur through to professional level, going on to win the Commonwealth super-featherweight title as well as the European super-featherweight title. Pat has also trained Lyndon Arthur, who was crowned the IBO Light Heavyweight Champion of the World on September 1st 2023. An incredible achievement for both Pat and Lyndon.

Grassroots boxing is becoming extinct, keeping it alive is essential, mainly for the reasons listed below:

  • Reduces crime - this is a huge positive from grassroots boxing, keeping kids off the streets, engaging with them and showing them that boxing can inspire a more promising lifestyle. They only have to look at the champions we have under our belt to realise that this is not impossible if they work hard enough.
  • Provides a purpose in life - Pat mentors the young boxers and raises them to become role models both inside and outside of the ring.
  • Improves physical and mental health - Exercise is necessary for improved health and there’s nothing more testing than boxing training. Through giving everything in the gym and pushing beyond personal limits, physical and mental wellbeing is achieved.
  • Changes and saves lives - Boxing doesn’t just change people’s lives, it literally saves them too. Aggression can be a natural instinct that could lead to dangerous situations for those living in troubled areas. Boxing is used to channel that aggression positively in a controlled environment while teaching self-control, respect for others and discipline. Young people who are typically at risk of mixing with the wrong crowds and becoming involved in self-sabotaging behaviour can be steered down a more prosperous path by putting on their gloves instead.
  • Brings communities together - Boxing reduces barriers of entry for people of different backgrounds in their communities, building bridges between cultures that potentially would otherwise have been unconnected.
  • Creates career paths - While not all amateur boxers will eventually turn over to the professional ranks, many of the top fighters have built their foundations and learned their trade at the grassroots level first. If an actual boxing career doesn’t come to fruition from an initial involvement on the amateur scene, the same everyday commitments and disciplines can be easily transferred to other walks of life, leading to more focus and success in any field.