Archie Edwards

Archie started Motocross at the very young age of six and spends most weekends racing at events across the country. The racing teams have supported Archie over the years and it’s only recently that Archie needed some outside sponsorship to help with the costs involved. When Tim at Surrey Steels heard about Archie he was more than happy to help out!

Archie quickly became a familiar face at Motocross events, with many younger riders looking up to him and many older, more experienced riders taking the time to give him advice.

Motocross or “MX” is a dirt-bike racing sport where riders compete on off-road courses like gravel, mud, or grassy tracks. It is a great sport which Archie took to immediately – he has learned great discipline from being in charge of a motorcycle and great physical ability with the training involved. He also has a fantastic team spirit, and in his second year started racing for teams within the sport – firstly at MBO Power, then moving onto GRT Impact and ASA United GasGas.

Archie has also competed at the Arenacross series at four arenas across the country, including Belfast, Aberdeen, Birmingham and Wembley. Arenacross is different to Motocross – it is a mix of indoor Motocross racing and Freestyle MX. It is a dirt bike racing event but held indoors in an arena with man-made tracks filled with obstacles and big jumps. It also includes lasers and pyrotechnics, which makes it a brilliant spectator sport that’s suitable for all ages.

Good luck Archie!

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